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    Google Finance:
    Yahoo Finance: - Current interest rate on Money markets, savings, CD's, Mortgages and other useful tools and calculators
    Finviz - Market, Asset and stock research, screener, tools - Charts and technical analysis - Free stock charts and indicators (RSI, Moving averages etc.)
    Morningstar - Stock/Mutual fund/ETF research - Portfolio back test and tracking
    ETF Replay - Momentum
    IRS - Internal revenue Service
    SEC Securities and Exchange Commission - Quarterly and Annual earnings and filings - rules and regulations
    FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority - Regulations - Broker and Advisor firm look up
    Economagic - Economic data - LIBOR - Interest rates - Money Supply - Labor - Commerce - GDP - US public debt - Premade screens - Ranking and lists of stock metrics - Stock and ETF screeners - Tracking the hedge fund industry
    US Department of Commerce - Bureau of Economic Analysis
    Fed - Federal Reserve - Monetary Policy - FOMC meeting minutes - US GDP growth - Economic and other world rankings
    Moneychimp - Stock Valuation Calculations and formulas (Buffet/Graham etc.) - Other financial, interest and future value calculators - Finance information
    Investment info and calculators - Future value, Loan, interest, investing, ROI, stock valuation calculators
    CBOE - Chicago Board Options Exchange - Largest US Options and futures exchange
    CME Group - Futures, Options and Risk Management - Commodities, Energy, Agriculture, Metals, S&P Index etc.
    The Economist - Economy Information - US Energy Information Administration - Energy Supply and Demand information - Statistics
    ETF Database - Tools for finding what ETFs hold a stock - Screeners - ETF portfolios
    The Motley Fool - Investing community - Investing sentiment and ideas
    Gainers Today - Investment managers and Investment strategies - Tracking and ranking
    TickerSpy - Track holdings of Hedge funds, Institutions, Money Managers and Investment Advisors
    Guru Focus - Track top money managers - Holdings - Track record - Top strategy screens (Net-Net, Benjamin Graham, Buffet Munger etc.) - Stock price valuation calculator
    Hedge fund Network - Information
    Index Universe - Information on ETF's and Indexes
    Information ans marketing and sales Ideas for Insurance agents producers and annuity providers
    ishares - Largest and Best ETF company in the World
    Graham Investor - Resource for Benjamin Graham Screens and Information - Reading financial statements - Piotroski Scores
    National Weather Service - Weather and storm tracking - Satellite and radar - Effects on commodities/refineries/shipping etc.
    Portfolio123 - Top ranked Model portfolios - Strategy screens and tracking - GARP/Chaikin
    Powershares - ETF Company
    Spiders ETF - State Street ETF's
    First Trust ETF's
    Proshares ETF's
    Vanguard ETF's
    Russell Investments ETF's
    Wisdomtree ETF's
    Advisorshares ETFs
    Rydex ETF's
    IndexIQ ETF's
    Guggenheim - Claymore ETF's
    Pimco ETF's
    Direxion Shares ETF's - Leveraged, Inverse, 2x and 3x
    Standard and Poors - S&P - Indicators - Indexes - Tools
    American Association of Individual Investors - AAII - Investor sentiment
    Seeking Alpha - Investing Ideas
    The Street - Stock ranking - Analysis and News
    ETF Encyclopedia - ETF data base for finding ETF's - Stock tools and large investor tracking
    Trefis - Breakdown of stocks revenue and financials - interactive adjustment and stock valuations
    USDA - Department of Agriculture - Food and Agriculture information
    NYSE Euronext - New York Stock Exchange
    Insider Monkey - See Holdings of Top Hedge Funds and Money Managers - Look up holdings of Hedge funds and Investment Advisors

    News and investing tools

    Wall Street Journal
    IBD - Investors Business Daily
    Financial Times
    Forbes - News - World's Richest - Richest Americans
    CNN Money - News - Fortune 500 - Fastest growing companies - Research
    Barron's - Magazine - Investment and Economic information - Investment research - Business valuation, Return on Equity and other calculators

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    Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds
    Invesco Mutual Funds
    Columbia Management Mutual Funds

    Economic indicator list? economagic, bea etc