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Updated: 3 min 53 sec ago

Former President George HW Bush dies at 94; Trump designates Wednesday as national day of mourning, markets to close

Tue, 06/08/2027 - 04:00
George H.W. Bush advocated a "kinder, gentler" America and initiated campaigns that ousted one foreign dictator and crippled another.

DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach says he's leaving Twitter due to 'suspicious activity'

1 hour 3 min ago
The founder of DoubleLine Capital said in a tweet late on Sunday he would be deleting his account "due to suspicious activity." The tweet did not elaborate on the activity Gundlach was referring to.

J.K. Rowling 'can't stand' following rules—here's what she says to do instead if you want to succeed

1 hour 17 min ago
"I can't stand lists of 'must do's', whether in life or in writing. Something rebels in me."

Here's why esports can 'crack into the mainstream' on its way to potentially hitting $1B in 2019

1 hour 17 min ago
Industry watchers have predicted that the esports market could hit $1 billion in 2019. Here's how.

Democratic presidential hopefuls commemorate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday

1 hour 26 min ago
While the Democratic field for 2020 is only beginning to take shape, the year that would have marked King's 90th birthday gives the party's prominent members a valuable opportunity to address race.

CEO Mike Manley's bumpy first six months at the helm of Fiat Chrysler following Marchionne's death

1 hour 55 min ago
As head of Fiat Chrysler' Jeep and Ram brands, the 54-year-old Brit was considered the front-runner to replace CEO Sergio Marchionne. Then came the news last July that Marchionne had passed away following what had been billed as routine surgery.

Beyond Meat: $550 million brand is winning over meat-eaters with a vegan burger that 'bleeds'

2 hours 15 min ago
"The burger is something people love," Ethan Brown, founder of Beyond Meat, tells CNBC Make It. "And so we went after that core part of the American diet," with company's most well-known product, Beyond Burger.

Google is the most popular search engine in most of the world except Russia — here's why

2 hours 17 min ago
While Google has about 90% of the global market share for internet search, it is lagging behind in Russia, where the homegrown company Yandex has captured 55% of the market.

A hidden AirPods feature will helps you hear better

2 hours 17 min ago
The AirPods have a feature that can help you hear better, or that you can even use as a simple spy gag.

Defense and tech stocks are the big winners of Trump's first 2 years in office

2 hours 17 min ago
It's been two years since Donald Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States. In that time, defense and tech stocks, have blown everybody out of the water.

5 ways to use your time off like experts do to prep for a productive week

2 hours 57 min ago
"Use that buffer time to think big."

Davos opens with US vs. China contest emerging as 'the key problem of our time'

3 hours 17 min ago
In some 25 years of attending Davos, the Atlantic Council's Fred Kempe says he's never seen "such concern among its attendees about emerging risk."

IMF says the global economic expansion is losing momentum as it cuts growth forecasts

3 hours 17 min ago
The IMF now projects a 3.5 percent growth rate worldwide for 2019 and 3.6 percent for 2020.

Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris jumps into 2020 White House race

3 hours 37 min ago
First-term Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California, launched her 2020 campaign for the White House on Monday.

Trump is skipping Davos this year — but it probably won't matter

4 hours 15 min ago
The absence of President Donald Trump and key members of his cabinet at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this week probably won't matter all that much, analysts told CNBC, but it is an accurate reflection of global affairs over the last 12 months.

US eclipse watchers cheer super blood wolf moon

4 hours 38 min ago
Skywatchers howled at the moon at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles when the full lunar eclipse appeared shortly after 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday.

Ice glazes over a wide swath of the US as wind chills fall below zero

4 hours 48 min ago
Bitter cold is setting in after a major winter storm blanketed a wide swath of the country in snow, sleet and rain this weekend.

All the $100,000 Lincoln Continental sedans with 'suicide doors' sold out in two days

5 hours 17 min ago
Lincoln already plans another run of its all-out American luxury cruiser for next year, with a few slight tweaks.

NFL New England Patriots beat Chiefs to join Rams in Atlanta Super Bowl

9 hours 50 min ago
New England and 41-year-old quarterback Tom Brady will be going to their third consecutive Super Bowl after they beat the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime on Sunday, with the Los Angeles Rams standing between the Patriots and a sixth NFL title.