Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

We strive to simplify and improve your overall financial situation, and protect what is important to you if negative events should occur. A comprehensive review and analysis of your financial situation will allow us to create a plan and develop solutions for your goals based on sound recommendations.

Working together with you we provide long-term guidance on implementing and reviewing the recommendations over time. In this way you can know you are making the most of your assets, your situation and the options available. Allowing you to focus on "life".

Financial Planning Steps:

1. Identify/Prioritize (A clear break down of your goals and biggest worries/risks)
2. Gather & Analyze Information (Gather important documents and look at how your situation could impact the big picture)
3. Create a Plan (Develop a plan, steps to accomplish goals and protect what's important)
4. Implement (Work with your advisor to make the plan come to reality)
5. Review (Over time review progress with your advisor and make sure it's working!)

· Structure Cash Reserves
· Determine Cash Flow
· Investment Solutions
· Estate Planning
· Tax Planning
· Goal Planning
· Education Savings
· Family Planning
· Retirement Planning
· Retirement Income

Insurance & Risk Assessment

As an Independent Advisory service we are not restricted to using one or two insurance carriers. We can use many insurance companies and let them fight for the business, providing you with the best costs and options available.

· Life Insurance
· Long Term Care (LTC)
· Annuities